Los Angeles has long been called the city of Angels, and for good reason, some of the top actors and actresses call the city home. Los Angeles also boast some of the most beautifully built stucco home and some amazing turn of the century architecture. Due to the massive movie industry, much of Los Angeles was shielded from any harm during the depression. This lead the city to massive growth and expansion into the San Fernando Valley. Through all this the city sits on a major fault line and in 1994 a 6.7 northridge earthquake shook the city and caused over 12.5 billion in damage. This lead to the need for massive foundation repairs and rebuilding.

Today Los Angeles is busy as ever. with a growing housing demand, there has been a shortage in qualified concrete contractors. Los Angeles is known for some of its beautiful tiered retaining walls and one of the first cities to really embrace stamped concrete. But foundation contractors is where the city feel short during the rebuild following the earthquake. Nothing can be more important to a new foundation and home than a skilled concrete contractor to build it. We spoke with LA Concrete Contractors Pros of 52 Glenrock Ave #30 Los Angeles 90024 about some of the way to make sure your foundation currently is protected against this seismic shifts. Of course they recommended giving them a call directly for any questions regarding safety (213-401-9426) but here are some things to look for from a professional foundation contractor.

Even though it isn’t the foundation, if you see some cracks along the corners of doors throughout your house, this may be a sign that your home has already been effected by seismic shifts. This is a sign that the foundation has started to move and with it the framing, the drywall is the canary in the coal mine letting you know that it may be time to call a professional foundation repair contractor over to take a second look at it. Another test is if your basement walls show some signs of cracking, use some masking tape over the crack and over time keep tabs on it. If the tape begins to rip than your home is actively moving and may need some professional opinions.

We love our home in Los Angeles, and we hope all of our neighbors and friends can stay safe in an area that can be heavily effected by which way the wind blows, or which way the Earth decides to move. We hope that this information has been helpful to the average home owner to make sure they can spot the warning signs of foundation failure before they need an expensive repair!