I have noticed over the years one of the most misunderstood trades out there is masonry and hardscaping. Contractors doing this will most of the time be comfortable doing anything block or masonry related, and sometimes you don’t quite know who to call or which ones may make sense!

Before trying any of this, please call Concrete Contractor Pros at 203-456-2555 or you can find the, at21 Vernon Street Apt 101 New Haven CT 6519. Our Friends at Connecticut Concrete Contractors gave us some quick tips, they understand as a New Haven masonry contractor that they may have different ways of doing things than say a southern group. Like foundation contractors, CT contractors have to use different methods in order to get the right outcome. Concrete and masonry work are not to be taken lightly when doing it yourself. Stamped concrete would be along the same lines.

First thing will always be first, make sure you have hard hats, protective equipment, and all the precautionary attire that you have in order to make sure you can perform the job the right way. After taking care of safety, make sure you have trowls and picks for the job. When removing grout and redoing bricks it is always best to make sure these bricks are not structural and that they have proper backing. If you start to remove the grout and realzie the back of the bricks are not properly lined up, or they don’t have a sturdy back, you may be in for a much larger project than you had anticipated for!

These are just some short tips we have, hope you enjoyed it and maybe can guide you in your next home masonry project.